The Life of an Illustration II

Not all my illustrations end up on holiday (see my previous post).
Often they never manage to travel beyond a PowerPoint presentation in a closed room, but occasionally it’s nice to see them ‘in the wild’ helping out with some publicity.

Alastair Hudson 150203 WestonWIll TfLFlyUnders#2

Recently some of my illustrations travelled with Boris Johnson to New York. Eventually they ended up on a few websites…

City AM, “Goodbye Jammersmith, hello to Wombling free? Mayor Boris Johnson outlines radical plans to solve capital’s congestion headaches” 10/2/15

City Metric, “London’s mayor wants to start putting major roads into tunnels” 9/2/15

Maybe they even managed to get printed somewhere, who knows. In this case they were amended slightly by my direct client. Not immediately apparent and quite subtle; but I can tell. A bit like teenagers getting their ears pierced or tinting their hair colour I suppose. Flippancy aside, I think these proposals are great idea given the rising land prices in London. Not for the easing of congestion and building more roads but for more housing and parkland. Hopefully, they provoke some serious discussion.

‘Drawing on Architecture’ SAI Book Launch, 13th May 2014

SAI Book Launch invitation 13th May

I’ve been a member of the SAI (Society of Architectural Illustration) since I returned to the UK.  An old university friend of mine was the President and meetings are regularly held at a gallery he helps run – the Anise Gallery (13a Shad Thames, Just around the corner from the Design Museum in London).

Last saturday was the ‘Contributors’ launch of a book by the SAI showcasing the work of the Society’s members. I’m really pleased to say that I’m included, even more pleased that they decided to sort the entries alphabetically by forename making making me the first entry.

Here’s an invite to the ‘Official’ launch which includes an exhibition of prints available for purchase, and of course a chance to buy a copy of the book itself.

HS2 Station Illustrations in Building Design

The HS2 phase one contracts are complete and the HS2 Bill is in Parliament with the Environmental Report being considered. An interview with Laura Kidd (HS2 Head of Architecture) in Building Design On-Line includes some of my station illustrations. Whilst they’re in the ‘big report’ I think this is the first time they’ve been published in the ‘public’ forum.

Well, nearly public; you need to be a subscriber to read anything beyond the magazine’s online front page – so I’m including the published images here.

HS2, Birmingham Curzon Street, Wilkinson Eyre

HS2, Birmingham Curzon Street, Wilkinson Eyre

HS2, Euston Station, Grimshaw Architects

HS2, Euston Station, Grimshaw Architects

HS2, Birmingham Interchange Station, Arup Architects

HS2, Birmingham Interchange Station, Arup Architects

HS2, Old Oak Common Station, Weston Williamson

HS2, Old Oak Common Station, Weston Williamson

Laura’s a great person to work with, as were all the architects involved. Having a background in Transport Infrastructure, I was immensely pleased to be part of HS2 and hope that I can be involved in future stages.

Grimshaw’s Equation Exhibition in ArchDaily


This gallery contains 3 photos.

I’m very pleased to see one of my illustrations as part of ArchDaily’s post on Grimshaw Architects’ Equation Exhibition that’s currently taking place in Singapore.  I understand the exhibition features all three of my commissioned drawings for the project.  In … Continue reading