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I am a Registered Architect, in the UK and Victoria, Australia. As a freelance Architectural Illustrator I undertake a wide range of commissions from Transport infrastructure proposals through Commercial Developments and small Sketches for design guides. The great thing about a combination of hand and digital drawing is that it allows me to illustrate Ideas and Concepts before a proposal has been designed...

‘Stories of Light and Line’, An Invitation

Stories in Light & Line Invitation

Dear Everyone,

You’re all invited to attend the Private View of Anise Gallery’s new exhibition this Saturday evening, 20th April 2013 at the Anise Gallery in London.  There are some amazing artists contributing and am very proud to be presenting alongside them
(that’s me in last place; bottom right!).

In particular I’d like to mention Sachiyo Nishimura’s photography.  I’ve attached an image from her ‘2012 Landscape/Fiction 14-15‘ series.  The geometric beauty she pulls out of neglected spaces in our cities is wonderful. I’m a big fan of ‘lines’ (usually ink lines) and it’s lovely to see the visual complexity and catenary’s of overhead cables being appreciated.


Stories of Light and Line / SAI Exhibition 2013

Anise Gallery

As a new(ish) member of the Society of Architectural Illustration (SAI) I’m very pleased that two of the illustrations I’ve submitted have been chosen for display in a forthcoming exhibition in London that features the work of many of the members.

Running from 20th April to 19th May 2013, the exhibition will be held at the Anise Gallery in London and is entitled Stories of Light and Line.

Getting chosen led me to new ground since I’d need to create framed hard copies of work that, for me at least, has only ever existed on a computer screen. Yes, I’ve seen them printed as part of very nice, confidential, A3 bid documents, but not specifically for display. More usually they’re printed from an A3 office printer and spiral bound just in time for a client meeting. But a real exhibition was going to need a ‘really nice’ print.

The owner of the Anise Gallery happens to be an old friend from university and he mentioned the word ‘Giclée‘, which helped a great deal. A local company, York Digital Image, produced some great prints in a very short turn around.

The only question I had left was how the hardcopies were to be described, if this was primarily a piece of Digital Art? Should they be part of a numbered edition… where I hadn’t finished printing the other 99 of them? I found some excellent, common-sense answers on a Jen Gagne’s website.

(They’re ‘Original Prints’ and they will be for sale through the Anise Gallery.)

“What would it look like? I want an Eye-Level View”


This gallery contains 3 photos.

A vast majority of the work I’m asked to do are ‘views’. Eye level views are the ones most often requested, though in discussion these often evolve into ariel views that can include more context and give a better idea … Continue reading

Architectural Sketch Diagrams


Often a diagram will explain an idea or concept far better than a conventional view. Diagrams can also be ‘dressed up’ to make them more complex than they need to be, either to add visual richness or to communicate more than just the purpose of the diagram.

The line between ‘views’ and diagrams is a tricky one, given that all views are essentially tricking the eye of the beholder one way or another. I like to think that if there’s no background and the content becomes an object rather than a place then it’s probably a diagram…

Grimshaw’s Equation Exhibition in ArchDaily


This gallery contains 3 photos.

I’m very pleased to see one of my illustrations as part of ArchDaily’s post on Grimshaw Architects’ Equation Exhibition that’s currently taking place in Singapore.  I understand the exhibition features all three of my commissioned drawings for the project.  In … Continue reading

Hello World


It’s time I had a presence on the great web.  Wordpress seems an easy way in and I’ll sort out the UK hosting and domain names properly later.  It seems a huge minefield right now so will do some more reading and research.  The next posting should see things quite differently. (Hello World seemed pretty appropriate as I struggled to get my Frankenstein Monster into life.  ‘Showing off my geek credentials, but then I found that ‘Hello World’ was the default post WordPress.com set up for every new blog; the other geeks had got there first and I wasn’t at all original)