Christmas Card, 2014

xmas 2014

Since starting as an Illustrator I’ve been sending Christmas cards to friends and clients.  The first year it was a dusk view of York Minster with a huge Christmas tree placed at the entrance.  The second year a morning view of the local school with lots of snow and children (including mine!).  This third year was hard; it’s still a view of York but as I’d been doing ‘high altitude’ aerial views this year and more complex drawings with layers of scenery I thought these aspects should be incorporated and a night view would complete my ‘York’ trilogy.  So it was Santa flying over a fictional medieval York in the Moonlight.

Sadly, I just wasn’t as happy with this view compared to the previous two.  But I was happy with my Santa and I don’t think I’ve ever had to draw reindeer before… As this was too small to see in the card I’m giving everyone a close-up so you can see Rudolf’s red nose.

Happy Christmas everyone and apologies for the late arrival of the cards for some of you – things were way too hectic this December :\

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