Stories of Light and Line / SAI Exhibition 2013

Anise Gallery

As a new(ish) member of the Society of Architectural Illustration (SAI) I’m very pleased that two of the illustrations I’ve submitted have been chosen for display in a forthcoming exhibition in London that features the work of many of the members.

Running from 20th April to 19th May 2013, the exhibition will be held at the Anise Gallery in London and is entitled Stories of Light and Line.

Getting chosen led me to new ground since I’d need to create framed hard copies of work that, for me at least, has only ever existed on a computer screen. Yes, I’ve seen them printed as part of very nice, confidential, A3 bid documents, but not specifically for display. More usually they’re printed from an A3 office printer and spiral bound just in time for a client meeting. But a real exhibition was going to need a ‘really nice’ print.

The owner of the Anise Gallery happens to be an old friend from university and he mentioned the word ‘Giclée‘, which helped a great deal. A local company, York Digital Image, produced some great prints in a very short turn around.

The only question I had left was how the hardcopies were to be described, if this was primarily a piece of Digital Art? Should they be part of a numbered edition… where I hadn’t finished printing the other 99 of them? I found some excellent, common-sense answers on a Jen Gagne’s website.

(They’re ‘Original Prints’ and they will be for sale through the Anise Gallery.)