About My Illustrations

My work is hand drawn ink line drawings, digitally coloured in Photoshop. I can work up a drawing from scratch using plans and elevations or work up rough ideas using Google Earth for site information. Naturally, if there’s a 3D CAD model that can be set up with a decent view this is an ideal base; I regularly work up drawings this way once a project has settled on the ‘Massing’ stage with only some ideas as to the final form.

My drawings can be any where from large and detailed to small, quick and loose. Anywhere between ‘Full Colour’ or black and white to suit the specific needs of a visualisation or presentation.  The advantage of a hand drawn base is that images take on a life of their own and give a character to a scheme that is often lacking in more time consuming CGI images.

During my time working in architectural practice, most recently for Grimshaw Architects in Melbourne, I’ve worked on large and small projects across most of the sectors but mainly Commercial and Transport Infrastructure.

As such, I have a strong understanding of the evolution of designs and the requirements of visualisations at various stages. My sketches fill the gap in the process of the development of a design before it is resolved enough for a detailed CGI visual. They have the advantage of being fast, often taking only a day or two from the initial meeting and briefing as well as easily adapted to incorporate design changes.

I’m based in York, but able to travel.  I also regularly work “across time zones”; discussing a projects by phone or online and working during a night to deliver images to the other side of the world in a client’s morning.

If you want to know more about me you can look at my Architectural Illustration CV or if you’re feeling really kind you could print a (double sided) copy of my Illustration Flyer and leave it where lots of people will look at it.

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