About Me…

I am a registered Architect, in the UK and Australia, working as a freelance Architectural Illustrator.  During my time in practice I worked in London, Hong-Kong, Dusseldorf and Melbourne. I have worked on a wide range of projects from Domestic Extensions, Schools, Commercial Developments, through Retail Centres, Airports and Rail Stations.

As such, I understand the design development process and the role illustrations play at different stages.  I can provided rough hand drawings to explain ideas, diagrammatic outline proposals all though to polished images for investors or public consultation.

Shiny CGI’s are great, but they take time, a team to make something good and then more work to get the “feel” right. My Hand drawings are quicker and are easily adjusted. “informal”.  Hand illustrations can be useful discussion pieces rather than CGI’s that can look like a finished product.

Composition is another aspect that is often neglected in the complexity of a CGI model.

I am occasionally asked for help with a CGI image that isn’t working. Lots can be done with trees, colour, people and more to create an engaging image that is well balanced with the focus where it should be.